Best Avocado Burger Buns

Avocado Burger Buns

A fun and low carb way to eat burgers, using avocados as the burger buns!

Yield  : 6 Servings
Prep Time : 16 mins
Cook Time : 10 mins
Total Time : 26 mins

  •  4 large avocados (see notes)
  •  1 lb lean ground beef you can also use pre-made quarter pound patties
  •  4 slices of cheese of your choice I did swiss and cheddar
  •   16 baby spinach leaves
  •  1/2 tsp white sesame seeds
  •  1 tomato thinly sliced
  •  4 large green leaf lettuce leaves each one should be big enough to wrap around your avocado burger
  •  salt and pepper
  •  condiments of your choice

  1. Slice avocados in half, length-wise. Remove seed. Peel away the skin from the avocado halves. For each avocado, choose the prettier, rounder half. Lay the selected halves face down and then sprinkle with white sesame seeds (about 1/8 tsp each). Gently press the seeds into the surface of the avocado flesh so that they remain in place.
  2. With your ground meat, form four quarter pound balls. Season with salt and pepper. Place onto hot grill (you can also cook in a pan on a stove) and press down gently so that the balls form patties. Cook each side a few minutes until burgers are close to your desired doneness. Add a cheese slice on top of each patty and cover the grill until burgers are done and cheese is melted.
  3. To assemble your burgers, place each of avocado halves without sesame seeds onto a lettuce leaf. If needed, you can slice a little off the bottom of the avocados so that the avocado half has a flat surface to stand on. You can also maneuver and fold the lettuce leaves so that they help form a stable base for the avocado halves. Add 2 pieces of baby spinach, 1 slice of tomato, burger patty, 2 more pieces of spinach, any condiments you desire, and then top with an avocado half (one that has the sesame seeds). You do need to be careful as you stack the burger and place items in a way so that the weight is evenly distributed. Serve burgers while still warm.
  4. When eating the burger, you can unfold and use the lettuce to wrap around the burger, to help 

You'll want to use ripe avocados that are firm. They should feel fairly firm all around except at the tip where the stem is. There should be a little give if you apply gentle pressure around the stem area and the stem should come off easily.

Recipe adapted From : @Best Avocado Burger Buns

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